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Surveillance Video Sheds New Light on Agents Who Were Allegedly Drunk

When it comes to criminal charges things aren’t always, as they seem. In fact, many times things can look very bad on…

Michigan Man Ordered to Pay $30K in Child Support for Kid He Didn’t Father

The purpose of child support is to make sure that children are taken care of and that their financial needs are met…

How to Plan Financially for Divorce

Are you about to begin the divorce process in Grand Rapids? If so, then you surely have a lot of things on…

Michigan Lawmakers Considering Stricter Ignition Interlock Regulations

Many people in Grand Rapids are already aware that if you are convicted of operating while intoxicated – or of driving under…

When Wives Get Sick Divorce More Likely

“Till death do us part.” It’s a common phrase that has been uttered at so many weddings, and will be uttered many…

Michigan Law Leaves Many Confused Over Field Sobriety Tests

Anyone who has been pulled over in Grand Rapids and been asked to perform a field sobriety test on the side of…


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