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Step-Parent Adoption: Avoid These Common Mistakes Made by Applicants and Judges

Step-Parent Adoptions are not all the same. Before we start an indepth conversation, we need to discuss when a parent is “Putative”,…

10 Factors for Calculating Spousal Support

Everyone knows that divorce is expensive. If you are thinking about ending your marriage, or the process has already started, you may…

What to Expect if You are Facing Criminal Charges in Michigan

The criminal court process in Michigan is fairly straightforward but those who do not deal with it every day may not know…

Is a Ladybird Deed Right for You?

Michigan is one of only five states that allows the use of Ladybird deeds. If you’ve heard of them, you might be…

Budgeting for Divorce: Why is it Important?

Most couples or families must budget for their major expenses each month, like housing or a vehicle payment. But when it comes…

Are Child Custody Decisions Permanent?

Child custody disputes are some of the most contentious during a divorce. If you were denied child custody, you may think there…


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