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How Does Your Inheritance Affect Your Divorce Case?

Property division is one of the most contested issues in a divorce. Michigan law allows only marital property to be split in…

Will I Lose My Retirement in a Divorce?

During a divorce, your retirement account likely isn't your immediate concern. Divorce involves many complex decisions, such as arranging child custody and…

How Do I Find Assets if My Spouse is Hiding Them in a Michigan Divorce?

Under Michigan divorce law, there are several factors in a divorce that depend upon assessing the value of the marital estate, i.e.,…

What Makes You Lose Custody of a Child?

Many factors determine who has legal custody of a child after a divorce proceeding. However, an individual may lose custody of their…

The Basics of Annulment in Michigan

Getting married can be one of the best experiences of a person’s life, but there are situations in which one or both…

Parenting Time Tips for Back to School

The beginning of the new school year comes with many challenges, especially for parents who have gone through a divorce but are…


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