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Can Infidelity Change a Michigan Divorce Settlement?

In a marriage, there is no bigger betrayal than infidelity. Many marriages cannot recover from it and when one spouse has been…

How do You Prove Adultery in a Michigan Divorce?

Learning that your spouse is having an affair is extremely difficult. For some, the betrayal is too much to overcome and the…

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Michigan?

It was once impossible for grandparents to petition the court for child custody in the event that the parents of the child…

Divorce Mediation FAQs

In Michigan, there is more than one way to get a divorce. Mediation is an option that allows the divorcing couple to…

What Will Happen to the Family Home During Your Divorce?

It is not uncommon for married couples to purchase a home together at some point during their marriage. In the event of…

How Does Collaborative Law Work in Michigan?

Many people going through a divorce in Michigan envision a lengthy and time-consuming trial in the courtroom. Fortunately, there are ways to…


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