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Drug Crimes

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Understanding the Criminal Defense Process

The criminal process can be incredibly confusing, especially if it is the first time that you or a loved one has been…

Criminal Offense Record Expungement

Being charged with a crime is serious and can have harsh consequences. Increasingly, those with misdemeanor or felony charges face issues such…

Heroin the Illegal Drug of Choice in Michigan

Drug use in America is increasing according to statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Since 2017, 30.6 million…

What Is The Difference Between Drugged Driving & Drunk Driving?

Experienced Drugged Driving (OWPCS or OWID) Attorney Assisting Clients in Grand Rapids, Michigan A person who operates a motor vehicle while under…

Michigan Changes Law on Minor in Possession (MIP)

For college students in Michigan who are found in possession of alcohol, the consequences are serious. Indeed, for a minor-in-possession (MIP) charge,…

Electric Forest Criminal Charges

The Electric Forest Festival, which is a two-weekend, eight-day Michigan event, is scheduled to take place late June through early July 2017.…


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