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What is a Super Drunk DUI in Michigan?

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Michigan is a serious offense, and the penalties for a DUI conviction can be equally serious.…

What Happens When You Receive a DUI With a Child in the Car

Imagine…you are driving home on Christmas Eve with your little ones sleeping in the back seat, or you are on your way…

Field Sobriety Tests Used by Michigan Law Enforcement

Not all motorists exhibit signs of drunk driving impairment the same way, which creates challenges for law enforcement in charging individuals for…

What Is The Difference Between Drugged Driving & Drunk Driving?

Experienced Drugged Driving (OWPCS or OWID) Attorney Assisting Clients in Grand Rapids, Michigan A person who operates a motor vehicle while under…

Family Values and Involvement are One of Van Den Heuvel Law Office’s Greatest Strengths

Van Den Heuvel Law Office is comprised of two experienced lawyers: Howard Van Den Heuvel and his son, Justin Van Den Heuvel.…

Michigan Changes Law on Minor in Possession (MIP)

For college students in Michigan who are found in possession of alcohol, the consequences are serious. Indeed, for a minor-in-possession (MIP) charge,…


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