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Parenting Time Tips for Back to School

The beginning of the new school year comes with many challenges, especially for parents who have gone through a divorce but are…

Five Reasons to Modify Child Custody

Once a child custody order is issued by a judge, it is final and legally binding. Still, this does not mean they…

Want to Keep Joint Tax Filing? Consider a Separate Maintenance

Sometimes, couples no longer want to live as a married couple, but they do not want to get an official divorce either.…

Do Not Trust Your Family With Your Trust? Learn More About Charitable Trusts

It is often assumed that when a person passes away, they will leave their assets and property to their loved ones. However,…

My Ex’s Kids are Not Biologically Mine, Can I Still Fight for Custody?

Parental figures often become attached to children, even when they are not biologically theirs. This often happens when people become involved in…

Do I Have to Share My 401(k) With My Ex?

Property distribution is often one of the most complex aspects of a Michigan divorce, and this is particularly true when one or…


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