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My Ex’s Kids are Not Biologically Mine, Can I Still Fight for Custody?

Parental figures often become attached to children, even when they are not biologically theirs. This often happens when people become involved in…

Do I Have to Share My 401(k) With My Ex?

Property distribution is often one of the most complex aspects of a Michigan divorce, and this is particularly true when one or…

What is Considered Grounds for Divorce in Michigan?

Nearly 50% of all couples end up filing for divorce. When filing for divorce, the spouse requesting to end the marriage must…

Step-Parent Adoption: Avoid These Common Mistakes Made by Applicants and Judges

Step-Parent Adoptions are not all the same. Before we start an indepth conversation, we need to discuss when a parent is “Putative”,…

10 Factors for Calculating Spousal Support

Everyone knows that divorce is expensive. If you are thinking about ending your marriage, or the process has already started, you may…

Are Child Custody Decisions Permanent?

Child custody disputes are some of the most contentious during a divorce. If you were denied child custody, you may think there…


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