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Marital Property and Separate Property in Divorce—The Division of Marital Property

In order to make a divorce final, a judgment of divorce must be drafted and ordered by the court. One of the…

Divorce Mediation FAQs

In Michigan, there is more than one way to get a divorce. Mediation is an option that allows the divorcing couple to…

What Will Happen to the Family Home During Your Divorce?

It is not uncommon for married couples to purchase a home together at some point during their marriage. In the event of…

Does Michigan Allow for Legal Separations?

Couples choose to legally separate instead of getting a divorce for several reasons. Religious reasons are often the cause of a legal…

How Will CARES Act Payments be Disbursed for Divorced or Unmarried Parents?

In response to financial challenges created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, on March 27, 2020, the House passed, and the President signed into…

What to Do if Your Spouse is Hiding Income

When two spouses divorce, their marital assets are subject to Michigan’s property division rules. This means that any property acquired during the…


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