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Why Do I Need a Business Litigation Attorney?

Why do you need to hire a business litigation attorney in Michigan? You might be asking yourself that question when you are…

Denied Home Insurance Claim? Here’s What You Can Do.

Homeowners pay their insurance every month in order to protect their house and the things they cherish in it. However, when something…

Is a Ladybird Deed Right for You?

Michigan is one of only five states that allows the use of Ladybird deeds. If you’ve heard of them, you might be…

Are Land Contracts and Lease Options Legally Enforceable?

Seems like three decades ago, “cash in hand” and traditional mortgages were the only two methods of buying homes regardless of condition.…

Taxable Value on Transfer of Real Property to Family Members Capped

The laws for transferring real estate, and the tax laws that pertain to the transfer, are very complicated. If things weren’t already…

The Importance of Estate Planning for Families in Michigan

If you’re anything like the average person - especially the average pre-retirement age person - you probably have not given a lot…


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