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Retail Theft

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Understanding the Criminal Defense Process

The criminal process can be incredibly confusing, especially if it is the first time that you or a loved one has been…

What is Retail Fraud?

Retail fraud is the legal term for shoplifting. Suppose someone in Michigan removes property such as clothing, candy, food, or toys from…

Defenses to Shoplifting in Michigan

In Michigan, shoplifting is known as retail theft, and it is considered a very serious offense. Shoplifting is defined as illegally taking…

What is the Crime of Breaking and Entering?

The crime of breaking and entering sounds fairly straightforward: A person gets in trouble for breaking into a home. However, the laws…

Juvenile Theft Charges: What to Expect

“Kids will be kids” is an expression that most parents use when their children do something reprehensible, and while this phrase may…


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