Divorce Lawyer By Me

Divorce Lawyer By Me

Divorce Lawyer By Me

When you and your spouse make the decision to part ways, you want to make sure that your legal interests are protected. While thinking about the financial implications of a divorce may not be the first thing on your mind – divorces are often emotional, and this emotion can trump both common sense and economic planning – a divorce can have a huge effect on your future, your bank account, and your life. When you work with the experienced Michigan divorce lawyers at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, you are choosing to work with someone who knows how to protect you and put your interests first.

We Competently Guide You through the Most Contentious and Difficult Areas of Divorce

If you and your spouse are choosing to divorce, it may be in part because you have lost the ability to resolve things amicably. As such, determining the terms of a divorce settlement, including how property will be divided, with whom children should live, and whether one of you should recover a spousal support award, may be impossible without the intervention of a professionals. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, our team knows the law, and knows how to competently guide you through the most difficult divorce decisions. If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement about a settlement through mediation and negotiations, we will be ready to represent you during a divorce trial.

We can also help you understand the filing process, residency requirements, and the court system.

Important Things to Remember About Michigan Divorce

It is important that you understand the laws surrounding divorce in Michigan, as well as how a divorce settlement may impact your future. Many people who are going through a divorce claim that they just want to “get it over,” and do not take the time to fight for what they really want – and need – as such. Once a divorce is settled, it can be very difficult or impossible to modify the terms of a divorce. If you don’t stand up for what you want, you may lose property, lose out on spousal support benefits, and even miss out on parenting time with your child.

Our Law Firm is Ready to Fight for You

Michigan is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital property must be divided amongst spouses in a manner that is equitable. It is also a state that makes decisions about parenting time based on the best interests of the child. We can help you to understand both of these important laws and how they apply to your divorce case.

Our law firm is ready to advocate for you both in and out of the courtroom. If you are ready to learn more about how our experienced Michigan divorce lawyers can improve your chances of a fair divorce settlement, contact us today. We are available to talk via email, or are reachable by phone at 616-698-0000.


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