Grand Haven Divorce Attorney

Grand Haven Divorce Attorney

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Whether you are considering ending your marriage or have already filed for divorce, you are likely overwhelmed by the legal issues involved with the process. You will need to address the distribution of property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage, and there may be questions about alimony. Plus, if you have minor children, you must work out the details on custody, visitation, and support. Many couples can reach an agreement on most matters, but disputes may remain.

At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, our attorneys empathize with your circumstances. However, we know that you can look forward to a fulfilling post-divorce life when you have a knowledgeable, skilled divorce lawyers on your side. We have more than 27 years of experience assisting clients in Grand Haven, MI and throughout Western Michigan, offering advice on property division, spousal support, and care for minor children. We seek to eliminate the anxiety and doubt commonly associated with the divorce process.

Summary of Michigan Divorce Laws

Michigan divorce law covers all issues that arise out of the proceedings, but there are three focal points in most divorce cases:

  • Property Division: All assets acquired during the marriage must be divided up fairly, but there may be disputes regarding what is equitable.  There may also be complex issues involved with divvying up significant real estate holdings or interests in a business.
  • Alimony: Where one spouse requires financial help to live in reasonable comfort, a court may consider awarding spousal support. Alimony may be temporary to cover needs during divorce proceedings or be part of a final decree.
  • Issues Involving Children: When there are minor children in a divorce case, it will be necessary to address their care and well-being. The statute requires consideration of the child’s best interests for custody, visitation, and support.

Under Michigan law, parties are encouraged to agree on as many issues as possible. However, in the absence of a compromise, the statute will step in to make a determination.

Advocates Serving You in Michigan Divorce Proceedings

Our lawyers at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office have in-depth knowledge on all matters related to divorce cases. We can assist with:

  • Discussing a settlement agreement with your spouse on property distribution, even where the assets are difficult to divide equitably;
  • Drawing up the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership on assets subject to the agreement you reach with your spouse;
  • Representing you in disputes over spousal support, regardless of who is seeking support or fighting it;
  • Facilitating agreement on matters related to support, custody, and visitation, with proper regard for the child’s best interests; and,
  • Fighting on your behalf if you must take disputes on divorce-related issues to court.

Discuss Your Case with a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney in Grand Haven, Michigan

For more information on our services in Michigan divorce cases, please call the Van Den Heuvel Law Office at 616-698-0000. You can also visit our website to schedule a consultation with a lawyer.


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