Grandville Divorce Lawyer

Grandville Divorce Lawyer

Grandville Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce is a legally complicated and often emotionally difficult process that few people look forward to going through. Even the idea of ending your marriage can be stressful, as divorce can affect important things like your ability to see your children whenever you want, your finances, and the place in which you live. Fortunately, the seasoned divorce attorneys of the Van Den Heuvel Law Office are available to help you through your divorce and will aggressively defend your rights.

The Process of Filing for Divorce in Walker, Michigan

In order to obtain a divorce in Michigan, you need to file a complaint with the court in the country in which you live (provided that you have lived there for at least 10 days). This filing can address the way that you would like to have certain issues such as child custody, division or property, and alimony to be resolved. Divorces in Michigan fall into one of two broad categories:

  • Contested ­– In a contested divorce, the party responding to the complaint (the party that did not file for divorce) does not agree to the proposed resolution of the issues contained in the complaint. In contested cases, parties often try and negotiate an arrangement to which both parties can agree or try mediation to resolve their differences. If they are unable to do so, the court will have to decide these issues for them.
  • Uncontested –  In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on how the issues should be resolved and simply ask the court to sign off on their agreement. In most cases, the court will agree to do so, making this type of divorce much more simple than a contested divorce.

If you can agree on how issues will be resolved with your spouse, it can save you a significant amount of time and money. Importantly, while you may be under the impression that hiring a lawyer is only necessary when legal action is imminent, an attorney may actually be able to help you avoid litigation. In many divorce cases, the assistance of an attorney can facilitate communication between the parties, as many divorcing spouses are unable to communicate with each other in a constructive way.

Alternatives to Divorce

Michigan law affords married couples two alternatives to divorce that you may want to consider. These are discussed below. For more information, call our office to speak with an attorney.

  • Annulment When a court grants an annulment, it is as if the marriage never occurred in the eyes of the law. An annulment can be sought in situation where the marriage should not have taken place in the first place, such as when one of the spouses was already married or was not old enough to legally marry.
  • Separate Maintenance A judgment of separate maintenance has the same effect as a divorce without legally ending the marriage. This type of action is often pursued by individuals who object to divorce on religious grounds. In addition, in some cases, it can be used to keep a spouse on a healthcare plan, but whether this will be successful depends on the terms of the insurance policy.

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