Hastings Divorce Attorney

Hastings Divorce Attorney

Hastings Divorce Attorney

While getting married does have certain legal requirements, ending a marriage can be a significantly more complicated process. Two people cannot simply decide to end their marriage and separate their lives legally. Instead, the Michigan courts must grant you a dissolution of marriage and will only do so after you meet many different requirements and settle various issues.

Some couples are amicable and are divorcing on relatively good terms. However, even if you believe you and your spouse can cooperate, it is never a good idea to try to handle a divorce on your own without first discussing your situation with a skilled Michigan divorce lawyer. There may be issues in your situation that you do not recognize and you may not realize all of your rights in the divorce process. An attorney can evaluate your situation and help to ensure you receive the best outcome in your divorce case possible.

Divorce Cases in Michigan

Every divorce case will be different and one common difference is the legal action you choose to take to end your relationship. Under Michigan law, you can file an action for one of the following depending on your circumstances and goals:

  • Annulment – An annulment is a tool to cancel out a marriage that was not valid to begin with based on certain legal reasons, such as fraud or lack of mental capacity.
  • Separate maintenance – The action for separate maintenance will separate your finances and end the practicalities of marriage, while you will still remain legally married.
  • Uncontested divorce – This type of divorce will end your marriage and indicates that you and your spouse agree on wanting the divorce and how your issues will be settled.
  • Contested divorce – Either one spouse is contesting the divorce as a whole or is contesting how to resolve one or more issues in the divorce.

No matter what type of action you are pursuing to end your marriage, it is important to have high-quality legal representation throughout your case.

Resolving Issues in Your Divorce Case

The different issues that you and your spouse will have to resolve will depend on the details of your marriage and family. Some common issues include the following:

  • Division of assets – Dividing up all of your property and assets can be difficult, especially if you own a home, business, or have significant personal property or financial accounts.
  • Child custody – You will have to decide how you and your spouse will share parenting time and decision-making when it comes to your children.
  • Child support – In many cases, one parent will be ordered to pay the other a certain amount per month to contribute toward child-rearing expenses.
  • Spousal support – Some spouses may not be able to support themselves right out of a marriage and may need maintenance payments for assistance for a period of time.

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