Ionia Divorce Lawyers

Ionia Divorce Lawyers

Ionia Divorce Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce or considering getting one, you are probably going through a pretty rough time. Ending your marriage not only will end (or at least change) one of your most important personal relationships, it can also affect your ability to see your children, your financial situation, and even the home in which you live. As if getting divorced was not difficult enough from a personal standpoint, the process of getting divorced can be extremely legally complicated. For example, in order to even file for divorce in the state of Michigan, you must have lived in the state for more than 180 days. In addition, you must file in the county where you live, if you have lived there for more than 10 days. While these issues are complicated, there is no need to worry – the divorce attorneys of the Van Den Heuvel Law Office are here to help.

Divorce in Ionia, Michigan

Under Michigan law, you can end your marriage in several ways, including through divorce, filing for separate maintenance, and annulment. These three options are discussed below. For more information, call our office today to speak with an attorney.

  • Divorce – Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, which means that neither party is required to establish grounds for divorce. The party seeking a divorce must simply state that the marriage has broken down and that they no longer wish to be married. Importantly, however, marital misconduct (commonly referred to as “grounds for divorce”) is still considered by the court when making decisions regarding issues such as child custody, spousal maintenance, and the way that marital property is divided.
  • Annulment Unlike divorce, which acknowledges that a marriage existed, annulment makes it as if a couple was never even married. Marriages can be annulled when a condition that should have prevented the marriage from taking place in the first place existed at the time that it took place – for example, if one of the parties was not old enough to get married or did not have the mental capacity to get married.
  • Separate maintenance – Filing for separate maintenance is much like filing for divorce, but has the effect of allowing the couple to remain married while separating the finances of the couple. This arrangement is often used by couples who wish to stay married for religious reasons but want to live separately and not be affected by the financial decisions of the other. In some cases, a separate maintenance judgment is sought in order to keep one party covered by the health insurance plan of their spouse. It is important to examine your insurance plan to determine whether this is an option, as some insurers may consider a judgment of separate maintenance to be a disqualifying event.

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If you believe that a divorce may be in the future or you have already filed or been served with divorce papers, you should contact an attorney as soon as you can. To discuss your case with a skilled Ionia divorce attorney, call our office today at 616-698-0000. We are also available for appointments via Skype by appointment.


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