Middleville Child Custody Attorney

Middleville Child Custody Attorney

Middleville Child Custody Attorney

Child custody becomes an issue for parents when they are unmarried and not living together, separated, or seeking a divorce. If the custody of your child is in question, our Middleville family law attorneys can help.

Understanding Types of Child Custody in Michigan

In Michigan, there are two types of child custody, and two types of child custody arrangements. The two types of child custody in Michigan are:

  1. Legal custody – Legal custody is the right of a parent to make decisions pertinent to a child, such as decisions regarding medical treatment, education, or religion; and
  2. Physical custody – A parent has physical custody of their child when they provide the majority of care for their child and their child spends the majority of time with them.

As mentioned above, there are also two types of child custody arrangements in Michigan:

  1. Sole custody – Sole custody is an arrangement where one parent has primary physical custody and legal custody over a child. In other words, the parent with sole custody is the parent with whom the child lives, spends the majority of their time, and the parent who makes decisions on the child’s behalf.
  2. Joint custody –Joint custody is exactly what it sounds like; parents share physical or/and legal custody of a child. One parent may have full physical custody while the other parent retains legal custody, or both parents may split legal custody and physical custody equally. Joint custody is typically only allowed by judges when parents maintain an amicable relationship between themselves are able to make important decisions about the child’s wellbeing together.

You can read more about child custody arrangements in Middleville in Michigan Custody Guidelines.

Which Types of Custody and Custody Arrangement Is Best?

The type of custody and custody arrangement that is best must be determined by weighing the best interests of the child. While you and your (ex)spouse have the right to attempt to form a parenting plan together that addresses your child’s best interests, in an agreement cannot be reached, the court will make the determination for you by considering the needs of the child, each parent’s ability and willingness to provide for the child, any history of crime or domestic violence within the home, the current living arrangement of the child, and even the child’s preferences in some cases.

Our Middleville Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You

If you have questions about child custody in Middleville, or if you want to file a complaint for custody of your child but are unsure of where to start, our experienced Middleville child custody lawyers at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office are ready to assist you. For legal representation that you can count on, contact our law offices today.


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