Middleville Divorce Lawyers

Middleville Divorce Lawyers


Middleville Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a complex and emotional process that many people go through in Middleville, Michigan every year. Divorce can involve many different complicated legal issues and it is important to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as you suspect that your marriage will be ending. Our attorneys at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office work closely with our clients to make certain they receive a positive resolution to their divorce cases and can move on with their lives in the best position possible.

Filing for Divorce in Michigan

The first step you take to legally initiate your divorce case is to file a complaint with the court seeking a divorce to be granted. You can also state how you want to resolve certain issues in your divorce case in this complaint. The following types of divorce cases can follow:

  • Uncontested – Your spouse agrees with everything in your complaint and the court will simply review your proposed resolution to ensure it is reasonable, fair, and in line with state law.
  • Contested – Your spouse files an answer to your complaint, stating they do not agree with one or more issues addressed in your complaint. In such cases, you can engage in mediation and negotiation to try to reach an agreement or else the court will have to decide for you.

It is always better to come to your own agreement regarding issues in your divorce, as litigating issues can cost time, money, and energy for everyone involved. Our attorneys know how to use dispute resolution techniques to help resolve matters in the most efficient way possible.

Instead of a divorce complaint, you may choose to file an action for one of the following under Michigan law:

  • Separate maintenance – This action will address all of the same issues in a divorce case so that you can live separately, however, this action does not dissolve the marriage bond itself.
  • Annulment – An annulment ends a marriage that was not legally valid to begin with due to inadequate age, fraud, or other circumstances.

Our experienced attorneys understand how to handle cases involving divorce, separate maintenance, or annulments.

Addressing the Issues in Your Divorce

No divorce will be granted without first addressing and resolving certain matters. In a marriage, the property you obtain becomes marital property and this property will have to be equitably distributed between spouses before a divorce can be granted. This is only one example of the complex matters that must be addressed, and others can include:

We will strive for the fairest possible determinations for each of these issues to protect your relationship with your children and your future financial situation.

Call our Middleville, MI Divorce Lawyers for Assistance

If you believe that you may be getting divorced, you should not wait to call an experienced Middleville divorce attorney at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office. Call 616-698-0000 for more information today.


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