Middleville High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Middleville High Asset Divorce Lawyer

High Asset Divorce In Middleville

All divorces can be difficult to navigate from an emotional standpoint – dissolving a relationship, especially one that has lasted for many years, is challenging. When couples in a divorce have a large number of assets or an individual or collective high net worth, reaching a settlement in a divorce can be even more complex. Indeed, with more assets and property, there is much more on the line, and therefore more to fight over. As such, the settlement process can be drawn out, expensive, and not always amicable.

If you are filing for a high asset divorce in Middleville, Michigan, our aggressive high asset divorce lawyers at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office are here to provide you with the comprehensive counsel and legal advice you need.

Issues in High Asset Divorce Cases

A high asset divorce case is typically about more than just money. In fact, divorce cases may be so contentious because parties are afraid of losing a family business, family heirlooms, or providing for descendants in the future. Issues that we commonly see present themselves in high asset divorce cases include how the following assets will be divided:

  • Properties and real estate holdings;
  • Retirement accounts;
  • Liquid assets;
  • Businesses;
  • Stocks and investments;
  • Trusts; and
  • Other high-value assets and holdings.

Even when a prenuptial agreement exists that addresses how assets are to be divided, a high asset divorce can still be complicated. In fact, one party may draw into question the validity of a prenuptial agreement, or claim that it is unfair based on accumulation of wealth and change in financial circumstances over the years.

Another issue that we see is the hiding of assets. A high asset individual may try to hide assets from their spouse in order to keep them out of the divorce settlement. We can help you to find hidden assets, and advise you regarding why hiding assets is not a smart idea.

Working with Your Spouse to Reach a Settlement in Middleville

We understand how difficult it can be to work with your spouse to reach a settlement, especially when stakes are high. However, we strongly urge our clients to engage in negotiations and mediations to avoid the process of litigating a divorce, with can be very time-consuming and expensive, and the outcome of which can be unpredictable. We help you to understand how to fight for what you want during negotiations, and where concessions must be made.

When settlements cannot be reached, we are confident in our ability to represent you in a courtroom. We have trial experience, and have competently represented many clients involved in high asset divorce cases.

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We want to help you protect your financial interests when getting a divorce. To learn more about how our experienced Michigan high asset divorce lawyers can aid you in regards to a divorce in Middleville, please contact our law firm today to request a consultation. You can contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office by sending a message directly to our law firm using the form on our website.


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