Ottawa County Criminal Attorneys

Ottawa County Criminal Attorneys

Skilled Criminal Lawyers in Ottawa County, Michigan

Michigan authorities pursue criminal cases relentlessly, cracking down of offenders in both felony and misdemeanor cases. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors use their powers to protect the public, but they can cross the line in their investigation and litigation efforts. If you do not have an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights, you could be at a disadvantage when facing charges. Your sentence for a conviction could include a lengthy prison term, probation, and fines; the long-term consequences could even threaten employment, immigration status, and other interests.

Regardless of the allegations, our lawyers at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office know that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We draw from extensive courtroom experience and significant legal knowledge to safeguard your interests, as we have been defending clients in Western Michigan and Ottawa County criminal cases for more than two decades. Our skilled attorneys are adept at pinpointing weaknesses in the case against, whether they stem from violations of your civil rights or legal insufficiencies.

Strong Representation in Felony Cases

A felony charge is the most serious type of criminal case under Michigan law, as a conviction will almost always lead to some jail time and huge fines. Some crimes even carry a term of life imprisonment, though there is no death penalty. Regardless of the specific allegations, it is important to consult with our dedicated attorneys immediately after arrest so we have ample opportunity to prepare your defense. Our criminal lawyers will fight to obtain the best possible outcome in such cases as:

  • Drug possession, trafficking, manufacturing, and related offenses;
  • Assault, battery, aggravated assault, and other violent crimes;
  • All types of homicide;
  • Forgery, fraud, embezzlement, bribery, and white collar crimes;
  • Burglary, robbery, and similar felony theft crimes; and,
  • Many other criminal matters.

If convicted, Michigan law on felony sentencing could range from prison alternatives for a Class H felony up to life in prison for a Class A Felony.

Defending Your Rights with Misdemeanor Charges

Though they may not rise to the level of a felony, misdemeanors are still crimes that may lead to incarceration, fines, and probation. We can assist you in defendant against charges on:

  • Lower level drug offenses;
  • Larceny, theft, shoplifting, and other property related crimes;
  • Drunk or drugged driving;
  • Certain gun and weapons offenses; and,
  • Other misdemeanor cases.

In a Michigan misdemeanor case, there are multiple factors that impact the court’s sentence if you are convicted. Your intent, the presence of injuries to a victim, the value of property affected, and type of offense, and your previous criminal history are some of the considerations. Note that there are some alternatives to jail time, such as fines, court fees, community service, suspension of your driving privileges, and completion of substance abuse courses.

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If you were arrested on a criminal charge, you need adept, professional criminal defense attorneys. Please contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office by visiting us online or calling 616-698-0000. We can schedule a consultation to review the details of your case and get to work on your defense.


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