Ottawa County Family Law Lawyer

Ottawa County Family Law Lawyer

Family Law Attorneys in Ottawa County, Michigan

Family law cases involve some of the closest relationships a person has, so you can expect to face many challenges if you try to resolve them without legal representation.  Even if you can agree with your spouse on some divorce issues, there may be disputes regarding property division and alimony. You may be forced to confront custody, visitation, and support for minor children, in the context of divorce or in a paternity case. With these issues comes the possibility that you may have to modify a court’s order to account for life’s changes.

The Van Den Heuvel Law Office family law practice group appreciates that, since every matter is different, we must take a customized approach to representing you. We have extensive knowledge in state law, along with more than 27 years of experience serving clients in Ottawa County and throughout Western Michigan. Our attorneys excel at balancing effective legal advocacy with compassion in these very personal cases, reducing the stress of your situation.

Comprehensive Representation in Michigan Family Law Cases

The types of cases within the broad family law category are numerous, so the changes are high that you may require representation at some point in your lifetime. Our lawyers are at your side to offer advice in non-court proceedings and settlement negotiations, but will fight aggressively in court to protect your interests. Our family law team can assist with:

  • Divorce: In a perfect world, parties in a divorce case could agree on how to divide assets acquired during marriage and a suitable arrangement for alimony. However, it can be tough to compromise considering the role emotions play. When it is necessary for a court to determine asset division and spousal support, our attorneys put your interests first.
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support: Issues regarding children are a key factor in a divorce case, but there are laws to ensure proper care and support even when the parents are not married. The primary focus is the child’s best interests under Michigan law, but our lawyers seek to align them with your own needs.
  • Paternity: Both mothers and fathers have an interest in legally establishing parentage for a child born out of wedlock. We provide legal assistance on both sides of the issue, and have an on-site DNA testing facility for purposes of convenience.
  • Domestic Abuse: The safety of your family is a paramount concern in a domestic violence situation, and so it is for our attorneys as well. Whether you need emergency, temporary, or ongoing protection, our team will help you navigate the process.

Discuss Your Family Law Matter with an Experienced Ottawa County, MI Lawyer

Your family is the center of your life, so you cannot put these important personal relationships at risk. Our Van Den Heuvel Law Office family law attorneys assist with all aspects of these cases, so please contact us at 616-698-0000 to schedule a consultation. You can also reach us and learn more about our legal services for Michigan clients by visiting our website.


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