Probate Lawyer Grand Haven

Probate Lawyer Grand Haven

Probate Lawyer Grand Haven

The death of someone close to you is always difficult. Unfortunately, while still grieving, there are important practical matters that must be addressed. Probate involves settling their estate and can be complex, confusing, and time-consuming. To ensure these matters are dealt with properly, reach out to the Van Den Heuvel Law Office. Our experienced probate lawyer in Grand Haven provides caring support and trusted legal guidance throughout the process.    

Get Professional Legal Representation From Our Probate Lawyer in Grand Haven

Under the Michigan Code, probate court proceedings are generally required when someone dies. Probate closing their estate and performing the following tasks: 

  • Filing the deceased person’s will with the probate court;
  • Authorizing someone to act as personal representative of the estate;
  • Identifying all property and assets;
  • Settling any outstanding debts and collecting monies owed;
  • Determines beneficiaries and heirs to the estate;
  • Making distributions, as dedicated under the terms of the will;
  • Filing final tax returns;
  • Taking any other steps needed to close the estate. 

Unfortunately, probate typically happens while friends and loved ones are still grieving. This makes an already confusing and complex process even more difficult. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we are here to help in this situation. You can count on us to provide the professional, trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need.

Actions Our Legal Team Can Take on Your Behalf

Certain types of property and assets may be exempt from Ottawa County Probate Court proceedings, such as life insurance proceedings, funds held in trust, and accounts marked payable as death. However, everything else must pass through and be approved by the Ottawa County Probate Court before the estate can be closed and any final distributions are made. 

To prevent delays and other common problems that are likely to arise, get our probate lawyer in Grand Haven on your side. At Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we provide trusted legal guidance throughout the probate process, answering questions and addressing your concerns while taking the following actions on your behalf: 

  • Reviewing your loved one’s will and other estate planning documents they have in place;
  • Representing personal representatives in legal proceedings;
  • Guidance in creating a thorough inventory of all property and assets;
  • Providing notice to creditors;
  • Helping to locate beneficiaries and overseeing distributions;
  • Addressing will contests or other disputes that may arise;
  • Filing final tax returns and ensuring the estate is closed properly. 

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Probate court proceedings in Michigan are generally required in the aftermath of someone’s passing. Unfortunately, these matters must generally be addressed while family and friends are still grieving. For trusted legal guidance throughout the process, reach out to the Van Den Heuvel Law Office. We provide the professional legal representation you need and resolve any problems that may arise. To request a consultation, call or contact our probate lawyer in Grand Haven online today. 


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