Rockford Family Law Attorney 

Rockford Family Law Attorney 

Helping Individuals in Rockford Resolve Family Law Issues and Disputes

Family law is an umbrella term that deals with various legal issues that can arise in the context of family relationships. Specific areas of family law  include divorce, child support, custody, alimony, paternity, adoption, and division of marital property From time to time, legal disputes and issues arise in these areas, and when they do, you should look no further than the experienced Rockford family law attorneys at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office.

Our experienced legal team can help you resolve your family law issues thoroughly and will provide you with goal-oriented legal representation throughout your case.

Legal Practice Areas that We Handle

Our experienced team of family law attorneys handles family law matters in the following practice areas:

Divorce — Divorce is a sensitive area that often that can become even more complicated with minor children. Our attorneys know how to streamline the process for you and assist you with filing a complaint in the proper court and making sure that all of the time periods are complied with.

  • Child support — When it comes to the spouses’ minor children, the most important thing is to look out for their best interests. The purpose of child support is to ensure that the child or children can maintain the same standard of living as they did during the time when the spouses were married. Our attorneys can assist with helping you come to a fair agreement regarding support of the minor children.
  • Child custody — Child custody can be a highly contentious issue in the divorce context. Legal custody refers to legal decision-making power with regard to the children, while physical custody refers to where the children will live after the divorce. The type of custody may be sole or joint. Our legal team can help you craft a workable agreement that resolves any disputes regarding custody of the minor children.
  • Alimony — Various forms of alimony may be available to allow a dependent spouse to continue living the same lifestyle he or she grew accustomed to over the course of the marriage. Our legal team can assist you with working out an agreement with your former spouse regarding the appropriate type and amount of alimony.
  • Division of marital property — our legal team could also assist you with developing an agreement to divide the marital assets that you and your spouse accumulated over the course of your marriage.

Finally, our experienced legal team can assist you with establishing paternity or with beginning adoption proceedings.

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Issues and disputes that arise in the domestic context — and most especially over the course of a divorce — can be difficult for everyone involved. In many cases, if the parties cannot reach an agreement on these important legal issues, the court is left to make the final decision. Therefore, it is usually preferable for the parties to come to an understanding on most — if not all — contested issues.

The experienced attorneys at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office are willing and ready to assist you with your legal issues today. To schedule a  case evaluation and legal consultation with an experienced Rockford family law lawyer, contact us online today. 


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