Wyoming Child Custody Lawyers

Wyoming Child Custody Lawyers


Wyoming Child Custody Lawyers

You and your (ex)spouse have the right to make a decision on your own about child custody in the event of separation or divorce. During the process, having legal representation can prove advantageous, especially if an agreement cannot be reached and you need to go to court. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we are ready to represent you during your Wyoming, MI child custody case.

Working with Your Child’s Parent to Make a Custody Determination

In Michigan, all parents who are separating and need to resolve the issue of child custody are highly encouraged to make the decision without the intervention of the court. Making a child custody decision without a judge can be beneficial for a number of reasons; it is typically more time and cost-efficient, and puts the decision making power in your own hands, which can mitigate hurt feelings and conflicts.

Mediation is one of the avenues through which parents often come to a child custody determination together. Mediation provides parents with a way to communicate with the help of a neutral, third party. In some cases, mediation may be ordered by the court.

While resolving a child custody matter outside of court is ideal, some parents who have a contentious relationship are unable to do so. When this is the case, a judge will be responsible for making a child custody determination per the guidelines of the Michigan family law act.

Enforcing a Child Custody/Parenting Time Order in Wyoming

Once a couple has signed an agreement regarding child custody and parenting time, or a judge has issued a court order about child custody, both parents have a legal obligation to adhere to the arrangement. If one parent disagrees with the arrangement, they may file a motion for reconsideration or a motion for modification, but they must continue following the agreement.

If a parent does not follow the agreement – for example, one parent denies the other parenting time (visitation) despite the parent’s right to such time – then they are in violation of a court order and may be penalized as such. What’s more, violating a child custody agreement often creates tension and anxiety, which can be placed on a child and impair their psychological well being. If your ex-spouse is in violation of a child custody agreement, our attorneys can help you to enforce a child custody/visitation order.

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While an attorney is not necessary for all legal matters in life, you do not want to take chances with something as important as the custody of your child. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we will advocate for you every step of the way, and can represent you both in and out of the courtroom. Because we have been doing this for nearly 27 years, we have a solid understanding of the laws in Michigan and how to effectively navigate them. To schedule your free case review, contact our experienced Wyoming child custody attorneys today.


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