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Corporate Opportunity

Corporate Opportunity

Michigan has been through a lot lately and will continue to travel the road of dealing with the Detroit bankruptcy. Even though many retirees’ pensions are at risk for considerable reduction and our largest city is in trouble, the national economy is growing.


National growth means dividends for all states, but especially Michigan where our manufacturing and office space sits unused. According to the November jobs report, 203,000 new jobs were added across the U.S. Which means the U.S. is seeing the lowest unemployment rate since 2008, a good indicator of recovery.


What does this mean for Michigan employers and businesses? Growth potential. Every new employee means companies are expanding production or related services. This in turn means growth for Michigan businesses that compete in interstate commerce.


In any growth period, it is always important to remember the legal ramifications of any acquisition. Whether that acquisition is employees, property, or assets, always consult a business lawyers. A business lawyers can keep an opportunity from turning into a liability by maintaining strong legal defenses in place at all times.


For help with your business acquisition, contact Howard VanDenHeuvel today.

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