Divorce Can Prove to Be Financially Crippling on Women

Divorce Can Prove to Be Financially Crippling on Women

Divorce Can Prove to Be Financially Crippling on Women

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by Van Den Heuvel Law Office

While divorce can be very difficult, for some people it is the only answer for a failing marriage. However, even when divorce is the best option that doesn’t mean it will come without some struggles. One of the biggest fallouts of divorce is how it affects a couple financially, especially women. While the divorce process itself can be very expensive and financially detrimental to both parties, life after divorce tends to be even tougher on women. 

According to a report from NBC News, finances are often one of the biggest underlying causes of divorce, and money issues are also one of the most heated aspects of the actual divorce process, as well. One reason for that is that women are often left in a burdensome financial situation after their marriage ends. There are many reasons that women are affected financially by divorce more than men, including education and work experience. 

It is very common for women to leave the work force after they marry and begin having children. This can make it very difficult to get back into the work force many years later without any ongoing experience. In addition, many other women give up their college studies to get married and start a family, which leaves them more vulnerable to unemployment should they divorce several years down the road. It’s also very common for women to maintain physical custody of their children in divorce, which means they not only have to worry about finding work to support their children, but also having enough money to pay for their childcare.  

There is another factor in regards to education that plays a big role in divorce. According to research from a University of Michigan professor, 17 percent of all couples that don’t have college degrees end up getting divorced within seven years after they get married. On the other hand, only 11 percent of those who do have college degrees end up divorcing within the same time frame. Add to that the fact that the unemployment rate is higher for people without college degrees and that means women without degrees, who are already more likely to divorce, also have more difficulty finding employment. 

Of course, divorce is hard on everyone and it can be financially difficult for both parties. However, in most cases, it ends up being more difficult on women. That is juts one more reason why it’s so important to find the proper legal representation if you are going through divorce. Without getting a fair settlement, including meaningful spousal and child support, it can be very difficult for women to get through the divorce process on firm ground. If you are considering divorce, then please contact our experienced divorce lawyers at the Van Den Heuvel law Office in Grand Rapids for help. We can assist you with all aspects of your divorce. Click here or call us today at 616-698-0000.



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