While Your Divorce is Pending, Follow These Social Media Tips

While Your Divorce is Pending, Follow These Social Media Tips

While Your Divorce is Pending, Follow These Social Media Tips

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by Justin Van Den Heuvel

It is not uncommon for social media to be part – or even all – of the reason why a couple files for divorce. When this is the case, and even when it is not, using social media irresponsibly while the divorce is pending can hurt your case and potentially lead to unfair court rulings.

Some people choose to abstain from social media completely when they are working through the divorce process. Others make a conscious effort to change how they behave on social media. Be responsible with social media while your divorce is pending with the following tips:

Avoid Posting About the Divorce

Keep your feelings about the divorce, your former partner, your lawyer, your spouse’s lawyer, and anything else even tangentially related to the divorce off social media. Posting negative comments can be construed as being unwilling to cooperate with your spouse regarding the divorce and in some cases, it can even be construed as aggression on your part. It is also in your best interest to keep dollar figures and other details related to your divorce settlement to yourself.

Sometimes, you need to vent about your feelings. Social media is not the place for that. Instead, vent in a journal or face-to-face with a close friend or loved one.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

One way to curtail your profile’s audience is to adjust your settings to only certain users can view your posts and interact with you. Do not be afraid to unfollow, unfriend, and block certain users.

Although adjusting your privacy settings can be helpful, do not allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security. You can never completely control who sees your content and how it gets shared. Somebody you thought you could trust to keep your content private can easily screenshot it or share it with others, and you never know who is really on the other side of a computer or phone screen.

Follow the “Grandma Rule”

A good rule to live by not just when you are going through a divorce, but at every point when you feel compelled to post on social media, is to follow the “grandma rule”: If you would not want your grandmother to see a specific piece of content, do not share it on social media. For most people, this includes images of them drinking alcohol, smoking or using drugs, partying, and off-color memes.

Following the grandma rule can keep you out of interpersonal drama and overall, enable you to be a more positive influence on your social media followers, rather than a source of discomfort or controversy.

Work with an Experienced Grand Rapids Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced is difficult, and social media can make it even more difficult.  For compassionate, helpful guidance as you navigate the socially confusing and mentally stressful divorce process, work with one of the experienced divorce lawyers on our team at The Van Den Heuvel Law Office. Contact our firm today to set up your initial legal consultation with us.



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