Family Values and Involvement are One of Van Den Heuvel Law Office’s Greatest Strengths

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Family Values and Involvement are One of Van Den Heuvel Law Office’s Greatest Strengths

Family Values and Involvement are One of Van Den Heuvel Law Office’s Greatest Strengths

Van Den Heuvel Law Office is comprised of two experienced lawyers: Howard Van Den Heuvel and his son, Justin Van Den Heuvel. Justin followed his father’s footsteps first to Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School, then into practicing law. Now, the firm works with clients in a variety of practice areas, including criminal defense and family law.

We Take a Unique Father-Son Approach to Law

There is no mentor like your father. Similarly, there is no better way to understand the changing social mores, demands, and expectations of an evolving society than through your own child’s eyes. As a father-son pair, the team at Van Den Heuvel Law Office balances differing perspectives and unique ways of approaching challenges, both of which benefit their clients.

Serving the Community Goes Beyond Providing Legal Representation

Community involvement is an important value to both Howard and Justin Van Den Heuvel. A successful community relies on unique strengths and efforts from all its members and for many, involvement in the community is a way to feel proud and productive.

Howard Van Den Heuvel is a Rutherford Institute pro bono attorney and a speaker at Calvin College for the Law Interim Course and PSYC W10 Psychology. Justin Van Den Heuvel has served the community in the past by coaching youth soccer at various levels, including YMCA U12 girls soccer, and speaking in the same Calvin College courses as his father. He currently volunteers as a youth leader for Plymouth Heights CRC youth group. He, too, is a Rutherford Institute Pro Bono attorney, focusing on defending the civil liberties of individuals who cannot afford legal representation.

Both Van Den Heuvels place a high value in finding the truth in law through the use of the laws of evidence. This is the subject of the lecture they give to Calvin College students.

Family is More than Immediate Relatives

Family can mean more than immediate relatives or even extended family. For many, familial relationships develop between classmates, colleagues, and members of fraternal organizations. As alumni of Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School, both Van Den Heuvels are part of the Cooley Law School family. One way the Van Den Heuvels stay in touch with their Cooley alumni family is participating in alumni events sponsored by the school.

Participating in alumni events is more than just a way for alumni to network with each other and have fun. Many alumni events benefit current and prospective students of the school by providing money for scholarships and grants.

Work with an Experienced Grand Rapids Lawyer

Whether you need to develop a legal defense strategy, navigate the divorce process or other family law issues, plan your estate or work through probate, or manage a business-related legal claim, our team of experienced lawyers at Van Den Heuvel Law Office is here for you. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with a member of our firm. When you work with us, you receive the benefits of our close, collaborative approach to serving our clients.



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