How COVID-19 Is Affecting Michigan Divorces

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Michigan Divorces

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Michigan Divorces

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed practically everything about life around the world. One particular effect is on marital status. In the early days of the pandemic, couples with difficult marital situations were stuck under the same roof. Because of the quarantine and financial uncertainty, spouses were unable to move out of the home and put off divorce. In the meantime, people who no longer wished to live together were stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Now that the end of the pandemic is in sight, people are beginning to evaluate their marital situations. Those who put off divorce because of the logistics are now able to consider their options. The hope is that the pandemic actually gave spouses the ability to work on their marital issues. However, there have been a number of stressors that made relationships worse, including long stretches of homeschooling and an inability to go on family trips.

Divorce Was Down in 2020 but Set to Increase in 2021

For many couples, coronavirus postponed an inevitable reckoning in their marriage. Divorce rates dropped sharply in 2020, but that was in part because spouses often had no choice but to remain together. The divorce rate reached a 50-year low, but couples were often discouraged because courts were closed for a long period of time, and then they were only open for essential matters. 

Experts are predicting a spike in divorces when the dust settles from the pandemic. Some couples with marital issues had these amplified during the pandemic when they were forced to deal with stress without the ability for breaks from each other. Longer periods of time together do not always do the marriage well. 

Before you make any decisions or begin to explore the divorce process, you should consult with a divorce attorney. You can prepare for a divorce both legally and financially. Before you do anything, you should learn what the legal process would be like and how your case may fare in court.

COVID-19 May Affect Your Particular Divorce

Even with the pandemic nearing an end, there may be some lingering effects that could impact your custody case or the division of your assets. These could include:

  • A spouse’s job loss or business failure affecting earnings capacity
  • A parent having to move further away to find work
  • Changes in assets because of the dislocation of the pandemic
  • Changes in work schedules and locations of jobs

This is a different world than it was at the start of 2020, and that could impact divorces. Some issues in front of judges could be novel. Make sure to check with a divorce attorney before making any assumptions. 2021 will bring many changes as a result of 2020, and an initial consultation would let you know what you are facing. 

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