Man Facing Serious Charges After Crashing Into a Building

Man Facing Serious Charges After Crashing Into a Building

Man Facing Serious Charges After Crashing Into a Building

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Imagine being out with friends enjoying an evening together on the town. Many times these types of activities include alcoholic beverages. Most people who drink try to avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving, but sometimes people make mistakes. Other times, people get too drunk to even realize the choices they are actually making, which can lead them to make extremely poor and/or irrational decisions. In these types of situations it’s important for bar or restaurant to discontinue providing a person with more alcohol.

A man from Novi has been arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated after he drove his car into the side of a building, recently, in Macomb County. According to court records, it was the man’s first offense and he was released after paying a $100 bond fee. Officials say that the man ran right through a stop sign before his car crashed into a local storefront. The man escaped injury but the building suffered significant damage. No one else was hurt in the incident, either.

According to court documents, the man took a breath test and the results showed his blood alcohol level was .16, which is twice the legal limit in Michigan. Investigators also said that the man allegedly admitted to them that he had been drinking at bar before the crash happened. While the evidence against this man appears to be very damaging there are several possible factors that could play a role in whether or not he is convicted. For starters, because the man has allegedly admitted to drinking at a bar right before the accident, the possibility exists that the bar could hold some responsibility for serving him too much if he was already visibly intoxicated.

This is just one possibility that exists, which is just one more reason that this man should consider getting the help of an experienced OWI-DUI defense attorney. Likewise, any individual that is facing a drunk driving charge in Grand Rapids should contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office for help. We aggressively fight the charges against you and do everything in our power to get the charges dismissed or reduced. We will fight for your rights and be your advocate throughout the entire legal process. Please contact our office today for experienced DUI legal help.



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