Michigan Man Ordered to Pay $30K in Child Support for Kid He Didn’t Father

Child Support
Michigan Man Ordered to Pay $30K in Child Support for Kid He Didn’t Father

Michigan Man Ordered to Pay $30K in Child Support for Kid He Didn’t Father

by Van Den Heuvel Law Office

The purpose of child support is to make sure that children are taken care of and that their financial needs are met when their parents split up. While child support is often contentious, most parents do have the desire to ensure that their kids are taken care of after they divorce, or separate if they are not married. While many parents in Grand Rapids meet their financial obligations when it comes to child support, there are some who do whatever it takes to avoid payment. However, every situation is unique and things are not always black and white when it comes to child support.

Most people have heard of some unusual child support situations before, but a Michigan man is wrapped up in what could be one of the strangest cases of all time. According to reports, the man was recently order to pay thirty thousand dollars in child support for a child that isn’t his. The man reportedly found out about the money he owed back in the early 90’s when he was pulled over for a routine stop. The officer informed him that he was behind in his child support payments. Because he had no children, the man had no idea what the officer was referring to.

It turned out that a former girlfriend had named the man as the father of her child so she could collect welfare payments for her and her child. However, despite the fact that the mother lied and that he is not the father, a judge recently ruled that he still needed to pay for the missing child support. The judge was upset that the man took more than 20 years to try to remedy the problem, and claimed his opportunity to appeal the issue had long since passed.

However, he claims that he did attempt to resolve the issue several times but that that he could not locate the mother and that the court gave him inaccurate information. Despite what the law states, the man argues that common sense says he should not be responsible to pay the money because both the child’s mother and the process server lied about him being the father.

This is obviously an unusual case, but there are many other child support issues that can happen to just about anyone in Grand Rapids. If you are dealing with any kind of child support issues that you need assistance with, then please contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office as soon as you can. We can help whether you need assistance with collecting payments or you are being forced to pay more than you can afford. Please click here to contact us online or give us a call at 616-698-0000.



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