Michigan Taking Dead Aim at Cleaning Up Child Support System

Child Support
Michigan Taking Dead Aim at Cleaning Up Child Support System

Michigan Taking Dead Aim at Cleaning Up Child Support System

by Van Den Heuvel Law Office

It’s one of the most common issues that comes with any divorce case involving parents with children. Child support payments can be a very hot-button issue as the non-custodial parent is typically ordered to make monthly payments to his her ex-spouse. Although most parents want to continue to support their children after divorce, many of them don’t want to give that money to their ex. It’s that kind of sentiment that typically leads to trouble when it comes to child support. 

According to a recent report, the state of Michigan is taking a new approach when it comes to child support, in an effort to streamline how the system works. reports that more than a dozen new laws will be in effect as soon as the calendar changes to 2015. According to the director of the state’s child support office, the new policies are aimed at making the process of establishing paternity and child support much simpler.  

According to the report, the new laws will include, but are not limited to, the following changes:  

  • Both law enforcement officers and courts will be able to save time because some child support provisions will be consolidated into one section of the law.
  • The costs to local branches will be lowered due to better enforcement and management in spousal support cases.
  • When the delinquent payer is aware that he or she is noncompliant he or she can be prosecuted.
  • The state can redirect child support to a caregiver or a relative when children end up being placed in another home. They can do this no matter what the technical legal responsibility may be.
  • Responsibilities for child support agencies will be updated so they better match the structure and practices currently in place in the state. 

Meantime, the state will see several other laws take effect in regards to establishing paternity. They include: 

  • A positive genetic test is now considered to be a conclusive method for establishing paternity, so long as certain conditions are met and a court determination is not required.
  • Parents who struggle making child support payments will now have the ability to apply for different ways to make those payments, which will be monitored by the courts.
  • The conditions under which a man will be considered the biological father of a child have now been specified.
  • If the biological father is not actually the child’s parent, then the actual parents can petition the court to prove that is the case.
  • The courts are now authorized to take into consideration the child’s best interest when it considers revoking a parent’s rights. 

If you need help receiving your child support payments from a noncompliant parent, or you need to seek a modification of any kind in how much you pay, then you should meet with the experienced family law attorneys at the Van Den Heuvel Law office. We can help you with any of your child support concerns. Just click here to contact us online, or call us at 616-698-0000 for help.



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