MSU Hoops Player Avoids OWI Conviction With Plea Bargain

MSU Hoops Player Avoids OWI Conviction With Plea Bargain

MSU Hoops Player Avoids OWI Conviction With Plea Bargain

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When someone is arrested for driving under the influence there are many possible outcomes. They could be charged and go to court with the possibility of being convicted or acquitted. The charges could also be dismissed before they ever go to trial. Another possibility people in this situation have is to choose a pleas bargain, wherein they accept a reduced charge and sentence in exchange for having a more serious charged dropped. These are all possible options in most DUI cases. One advantage to the third option is that a person can actually avoid jail time by pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Recently, a basketball player for Michigan State University took this route in order to avoid a harsher charge and the penalties that could have come with a conviction. According to court papers, junior guard Eron Harris was able to get his operating while intoxicated charge reduced to a charge of reckless driving. According to reports, Mr. Harris did admit that he refused an initial breath test when he was pulled over for illegal lane usage. He allegedly had a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 after he went through processing.

While Mr. Harris has been indefinitely suspended from the MSU basketball team he was able to avoid harsher civil and criminal penalties by pleading to a reduced charge. The penalties for operating while intoxicated are much harsher than the penalties for reckless driving. For starters, Mr. Harris will not have to spend any time in jail. If he had been convicted of the OWI charge he could have been sentenced to as much as three months in prison for a first offense. The fines could have also been much higher had he been convicted of the more serious charge.

No one ever wants to plead guilty to a criminal charge but many times pleading guilty to reduced charges can be a very effective way to avoid harsher penalties. Of course, no two situations are exactly the same, which is why it is always a good idea for anyone in Grand Rapids who is facing an OWI/DUI charge to seek the council of a knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense attorney. If you are in this situation then you too should seek the help of a strong legal team that will guide you throughout the entire process.



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