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CDL Violations

CDL Violations

If you drive a bus, tractor trailer, tanker, or other truck carrying cargo or hazardous materials, your job requires a commercial drivers license (CDL) and a clean driving record. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we provide the professional legal representation you need when traffic violations threaten your ability to work. Our Grand Rapids traffic crimes attorneys have over 27 years experience in protecting clients interests, and can help defend you against these charges.

CDL Violation Categories

The Michigan Commercial Driver License Manual outlines the requirements for obtaining a CDL in our state. It also highlights the different types of traffic violations which could result in fines and the loss of your license. These are divided into two categories:

Category One-Serious Violations

  • Speeding 15 mph or more over the limit, or driving too fast for conditions;
  • Reckless driving behaviors, such as tailgating and failure to yield;
  • Changing lanes erratically or passing improperly;
  • Texting or using a handheld phone while driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV);
  • Driving without a CDL in your possession;
  • Traffic violations associated with fatal accidents.

Category Two-Major Violations

  • Operating a CMV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Refusing to take an alcohol BAC test;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident;
  • Causing a fatality through reckless operation;
  • Using a CMV to commit a crime;
  • Operating a CMV while your CDL privileges are suspended or revoked.

Penalties for CDL Violations In Michigan

Penalties for CDL violations can be severe, jeopardizing your ability to work in the industry. The Michigan Secretary of State advises that these penalties include the following:

  • For category one violations: CDL suspension for 60 days for two or more violations over a three year period. CDL suspension for 120 days for three or more violations within the same timeframe, along with additional points on your driving record.
  • For category two violations: CDL suspension for one year on a first offense. If traveling with hazardous substances, the suspension period is three years. Revocation of your CDL for a second offense in any time period.  

For a felony conviction on manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, your CDL will be revoked for ten years.

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When facing charges that could jeopardize your CDL, contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office immediately. We can arrange a consultation with our Grand Rapids traffic crimes attorneys to discuss your case and your best course of defense. Protect your career and your financial security. Call or contact us today.

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