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Asset Division

Grand Rapids Asset Division Lawyer Guarding Your Rights in Michigan Divorces

Obtaining fair and equitable financial results when your marriage ends

The financial consequences of a divorce can be staggering. It is imperative that you retain an intelligent and experienced family law attorney to protect you in the division of assets and debts. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we are fully equipped to protect your business interests, real estate holdings, retirement accounts and other assets to the fullest extent under the law. Don’t put your financial future in jeopardy — let us protect your various interests.

Providing aggressive property division representation

In Michigan, the court can award to each spouse the real and personal property that the party acquired during the marriage. Generally speaking, the court uses a 50/50 split for a fair division of the assets of the marriage, but it also considers the need to deviate from there. The factors most often considered by Michigan courts in dividing marital property include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Contribution of each party to the marital estate
  • Needs of the parties
  • Needs of the children
  • Parties’ earning ability, age and health
  • Fault or past misconduct of the parties
  • Any other equitable factors the court finds relevant

Michigan is a “no fault” state, but fault for the divorce may be considered when dividing property. Relevant faults that may be influential are infidelity, domestic violence and addictions to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

We have extensive experience in marital asset and liability division matters. We have represented numerous clients in protecting their law enforcement or military retirement funds, as well as business owners who were protecting their interests in their company. We are proficient in handling issues that result from premarital agreements and how they affect property division. If you are looking for a capable divorce lawyers who fights to protect what is yours, Howard Van Den Heuvel is the attorney for you.

How does a business owner’s divorce affect the business’s valuation?

Owning a business or a large portion of a company can add an extra complication to your divorce. However, with a skilled divorce lawyers familiar with the issues on your side, your divorce doesn’t have to impact the operations of your entity. We have a variety of resources and networks we use to prove the value of your company or to appraise certain assets. We also take measures to keep your business records as private as possible. It is our goal to handle your legal concerns so you can focus on operating your business as usual. Strategies we often implement in a business owner’s divorce include:

  • Buyout. If your entity is owned jointly by the spouses, one spouse can pay the other spouse half the value of the business in cash or other assets. Using our experts to support your business valuation determination is extremely beneficial with this option.
  • Settlement. In many situations, business owners put personal differences aside to create a fair settlement that ensures the survival of the company and the financial well-being of both parties. Our negotiation tactics are highly effective in this area and we strive to obtain a positive result for you.

Contact an effective divorce attorney to protect your interests

If you are facing a divorce and concerned about protecting your interests in the division of assets and debts, contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office for an initial consultation. We are available to clients in and outside of Michigan. Our telephone number is 616-698-0000 or you can contact us via our online contact page. We are also available on Skype by appointment.

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