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Grand Rapids Family Lawyer Assists with Post-Divorce Modifications

Timely legal assistance when your circumstances change

Divorce decrees are only final in that they permanently dissolve the marriage. They do not permanently settle all ancillary issues. Even if you’ve negotiated a marital settlement agreement that you feel is comprehensive and perfectly suitable, your life, as well as your ex-spouse’s and your children’s, will change. When the changes are so substantial that your court order no longer fits your circumstances, you must either negotiate a new agreement or return to court to modify your terms. Of course, you could also find yourself in the situation where your current order suits your life fine, but your spouse wants to renegotiate terms. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we help divorced clients assert their rights in actions for post-divorce modifications of decrees. Whether you’re seeking or resisting changes to your order, we provide knowledgeable counsel and reliable court representation to achieve your goals.

Do not rely on informal agreements to modify child or spousal support

It is always better for spouses to work out their differences without resorting to a court hearing. However, there are dangers to operating under an informal agreement. Suppose an obligor spouse falls on hard economic times and informs the recipient spouse that it’s impossible at this time to make full alimony and child support payments. The recipient spouse understands the circumstances and agrees to a 30 percent reduction until things pick up. Since both parties agree, they don’t memorialize their agreement or take it to court for approval. Several months later, they have a falling out and the recipient spouse halls the obligor into court for nonpayment. The obligor is able to convince the court at that time to order a modification of 25 percent, but that only applies to future payments. The obligor is still on the hook for back payments even though the recipient had agreed to the reduction.

If you can work out new terms with your spouse (with or without an attorney), that’s terrific. But until you get a new court order implementing that agreement, you’re still bound by law to honor the old terms.

Showing a substantial change of circumstances

When parties must go to court for a modification, the petitioning party must show that there has been a substantial change of circumstances which necessitates a change. Circumstances that might justify a new child support or alimony order include:

  • Obligor’s unemployment
  • Recipient’s cohabitation or remarriage
  • Onset of child’s special needs
  • Poor health of either spouse

In some states, alimony terminates automatically when a recipient spouse remarries, but this is not the law in Michigan. If you have any questions about how to seek or oppose a modification to your divorce order, see an experienced family law attorney.

Contact our family law firm in Grand Rapids for post-divorce modification

The Van Den Heuvel Law Office negotiates post-divorce modifications and represents clients in court who are seeking or opposing new orders. If you have any questions regarding your rights in these matters, call our Grand Rapids office at 616-698-0000 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation. We can also conduct your appointment via Skype.

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