Privacy Concerns Grow As New Interactive Technologies Increase

Privacy Concerns Grow As New Interactive Technologies Increase

Privacy Concerns Grow As New Interactive Technologies Increase

by Justin Van Den Heuvel

Just about everyone loves technology and all the modern conveniences they provide. From smartphones to Bluetooth systems, and voice recognition devices to hidden cameras, these technologies offer dozens of amazing capabilities for fun and games, as well as communication and business purposes. However, these technologies also have their cons, including the issue of privacy. With people connected to each other in so many ways these days and with video and audio recordings being so prevalent online many people worry about how much of their private information is being shared. Additionally, with people having so much access to these devices, spying and snooping is becoming an increasing concern.

Voice recognition and video recording devices are very popular but they can pose a risk to your privacy. Although they offer a lot of modern conveniences they can also be used for destructive or even illegal measures as well. For example, someone who is going through a divorce that includes a child custody battle could be caught on video or audio doing something in public that could negatively affect his or her reputation. That information could be used against that person in divorce court, which could affect the outcome of the settlement.

On the other hand, a person going through divorce might be tempted to secretly record his or her spouse in an attempt to catch him or her in a compromising situation. It might sound like a good idea to secretly record and maybe you think that kind of evidence would help you win your battle. However, that is completely opposite from the truth. If you have considered this possibility then you should be aware that recording someone secretly, or without his or her permission, is illegal in the state of Michigan and is considered a felony. Not only could you be stuck with criminal charges but your actions would likely also affect your divorce settlement.

While voice recognition and hidden camera technologies are great for a lot of things, using them to spy or snoop on your spouse, or anyone else, could end up getting you in a lot of legal trouble. Divorce is difficult, but people often make poor choices that make divorce even tougher. Instead of making poor choices on a whim, you should take the time to retain an experienced Grand Rapids divorce lawyer who can help guide you through the process with sound advice and appropriate legal counsel. Don’t go through this difficult fight on your own.



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