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Things to Know About Field Sobriety Tests

A lot of things happen when a person is pulled over for drunk driving in Grand Rapids. The officer will ask the…

Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

The official term for driving under the influence in Michigan is OWI or, operating while intoxicated. Although this term is different than…

What is a Super Drunk DUI in Michigan?

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Michigan is a serious offense, and the penalties for a DUI conviction can be equally serious.…

What Is The Difference Between Drugged Driving & Drunk Driving?

Experienced Drugged Driving (OWPCS or OWID) Attorney Assisting Clients in Grand Rapids, Michigan A person who operates a motor vehicle while under…

Drunken Disorderly

While we all enjoy the occasional evening out on the town at our favorite club, restaurant, or local tavern, it is important…

Careless Driving/Reckless Driving in Michigan

Bad drivers beware! You may be ticketed and punished if you are determined to be operating your vehicle in a careless manner.…


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