Jamie H.


Justin was great!! He answered my questions and was very helpful!! I will be retaining him!!

Nahwal S.


I had already talked to a few laywers in which their website offered free consultation. None of those lawyers actually took the time to hear my situation. When I called Van Den Heuval’s office, he took the time himself to hear my story, give me the legal advice i needed, and truly cared about my situation. Its so reassuring to know I have a lawyer that I can trust and knows that they care for my well being!! Thanks again for everything!



It has been a pleasure working with attorney Howard Van Den Heuvel and their wonderful team. I would highly recommend him if you need a great attorney to represent you in family court. He is very knowledgeable about the ends and outs of family law and gives great advice to help guide you for the best outcome of your case.



I would 100% recommend Howard Van Den Heuvel. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and a good listener. His sound advice on all legal matters is a comfort. Howard is always available to his clients, even on vacation he called me when I had a question. If you want to feel comfortable no matter what legal services you need, Howard and his firm are the only ones to call. Needing legal advice is stressful but Howard makes you feel like you have no worries when you hire him.



Our case is very unusual and complicated, and Howard took the time to consult with us and offer helpful suggestions on how to move forward. He really listens, pays close attention to important details, and asks excellent questions. His staff is welcoming and friendly too. Highly recommend.



Howard is a great sounding board on how I should handle an out-of-state speeding ticket. He provided ideas of how I should interview the attorney’s in that state and some options that I might want to consider. If Howard was licensed in that state, I’d have hired him in a heartbeat! This firm is very caring and willing to take the time to provide an enormous amount of help!



Very to the point and will get things done. Will update the review after the case is completed.



Excellent lawyers over at Van Den Heuvel Law. I went in for a free 30min consultation, and Howard was very helpful in just that short time frame. He did an excellent job at listening, and offered sound advice for my situation. Would definitely consider returning if I needed more in-depth legal counsel.



I honestly do not know how to start this (read all or skip to last sentence). The work Howard, Justin and their firm has done for me I simply cannot put into words, but I will try. Prior to them, I reached out to other firms that either came in at a much higher price, or did not want to fully support what I wanted to achieve. One call with this firm and I was sold, they fully supported and understood what I wanted to achieve by hiring them. The outcome I got from hiring them was cost effective, but most importantly they worked a miracle on a case that I had honestly lost faith in. I now do not feel like there’s a hold on me or that I am powerless anymore, the anxiety that I had is lifted off my shoulders, and honestly I feel liberated. I know its a lot, but if anyone reads this far down, hire these guys do not waste time/money on anyone else in the WHOLE state, they will 100% fight for you and for what you want! Thank you Howard, Justin and your team, you are the best!



Justin was great to deal with, easy to get a hold of and very knowledgeable.



Before I called Van Den Heuvel Law office, I called others Law offices to inquire information regarding a case. Every office I called hung up on me. However, Mr. Justin from Van Den Heuvel Law Office gave me an outstanding information and steps to move forward. Therefore, Mr. Justin, thank you for your time.



Howard was very helpful and gave me great advice.



Howard has been very friendly and helpful in advice needed in a property dispute. He has also represented a family member of ours, and he was very happy with the results. He is organized and runs things smoothly.



I worked with Howard, he is awesome. After our conversation I soon learned that it’s a family owned Christian practice. Howard has a big heart, and this is a practice that anyone should be glad to work with.



Van Den Heuvel Law Office kept my driving record clean! They managed to Amend a hefty traffic violation to 0 points, paid the fine and kept my record clean!



Howard and Justin and the whole office were fantastic in helping me with my divorce and I got exactly what I wanted in my divorce! They are very knowledgeable and the nicest people ever. Both Howard and Justin explained the whole process of what will happen with going through a divorce and made me feel comfortable at a very difficult time cause getting divorced is not fun! When I would call and ask them a question they would answer it right away or would call me right back or email me when they were free! Highly recommend them!!



Very friendly and informative glad this call was made.



These guys are the real deal!!!. Not only are they Professional. But they actually cared I was in a bad place in my marriage and with very little income coming in. They took my case. These guys are Heaven sent. I recommend their services to anyone who is having issues in their marriage.


I hired this team hoping for a reduction in a traffic offense. I talked to both attorneys during my time with them and they were honest and straight forward. They did a great job! My ticket was reduced, ZERO points on my license, and a small fine to pay. Thank you Howard and Justin!

B. Fisher


I highly recommend this office for family law! Not only do they listen to your every need, but they give you options and they truly put their all into your case! Super friendly and professional!



I just happened to choose Van Den Heuvel from a google search and from the moment I walked in I had a feeling it was where I needed to be. From the sweetest lady at the front desk to my consultation, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful experience. I was given sound legal and above that, Godly advice. I offered resources and words I thought I’d never hear from a lawyer “I hope you don’t have to hire me”. I sincerely hope I will not need his services but if I do then I know exactly who I’ll be in touch with. I cannot sing their praises enough. Small family run firm that actually care about PEOPLE.



Although I was not able to hire Justin due to financial constraints on my end, I did have the privilege of speaking with him about my daughter’s step-parent adoption case. Even with the knowledge that I couldn’t afford to hire him, he still took the time out of his day to advise me about how I should be going forward on my case. He gave me hope on a day that was very hard for me. Where everyone else dismissed me, he actually listened. This is a person who cares about his work. I highly recommend him.



Reviewed my case to help me make an informed decision prior to even taking legal action. I would recommend them to anyone seeking peace of mind before, during, and after navigating any legal situation.


All of our expectations were met and beyond, you guys are the best.



I’m an out-of-state trucker who needed someone to represent me for a traffic violation. Howard and his team were very knowledgeable and helpful and I would definitely recommend!



Spoke with Justin in regards to a white-collar case. He gave me solid legal advice and I would recommend them to anyone. I was most impressed by how they didn’t bill me for going over my slotted time limit. Very professionally courteous!



Justin is a God sent. Recommendation above 5 stars.



Sat down for a consolation today with Justin. He was very welcoming. I had a great experience. Justin was very honest with me and listen to everything I had to say. He gave me a lot of valuable information on how to handle certain issues. Justin gladly gave me more than enough time for a consolation and did not push his services on me.



Justin was a very patient attorney and helped me with my case quickly. He gave me what I expected.



Howard did a fantastic job getting me the best possible outcome in my DUI case. Kept me updated throughout the case and truly cared about the outcome of the case! I’d recommend this law firm without reservation.



Great law office, they answered my questions, and they were very clear on costs and made sure I wanted to proceed before charging me anything. Lots of experience!



Howard Van Den Heuvel’s legal advice was concise, informative, and very helpful. I would recommend Howard and his firm for any of your legal needs.



My limited experience up to this point with lawyers has been absolutely horrible. Arrogant, belittling, ignorant, and useless. Howard changed all that. He listened to what I actually wanted, gave me honest advice and seemed very knowledgeable. Very grateful for his help and he will be my lawyer for anything I need moving forward. Thank you so much.



I am so happy with this law firm. So easy to talk to and he explained everything in detail. I couldn’t be happier.



HOWARD WAS SO AWESOME WITH ME. I will never forget how much he cares. Not just a job but his passion.



By representing us in a car accident case, we received the best possible outcome. Both Howard and his son Justin provided us with top-notch service. We highly recommend this law firm!



Great experience! Justin answered my legal question in under 24 hrs, brought clarity to my situation, and laid out the appropriate action steps. Thank you!


I’m a truck driver, fighting for my traffic accident ticket. This lawyer does an excellent, wonderful, beautiful, great job (no points no record ) in this case. Paid fine, that’s it!!! Easy and simple work with this lawyer’s office!! Recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much.



I talked to someone on the phone and he answered all my questions for free. So far, great experience.



We met with Howard to get his wisdom when dealing with a parenting time modification. He was extremely helpful and his wisdom and experience showed as he was very knowledgeable on the process. Howard also made himself available for what they refer to as “a-la-carte”, meaning they can give you counsel right over the phone for a time rate. His counsel gave us much peace going into legal matters that we were extremely unfamiliar with. Highly recommend Howard!



As a truck driver, my driving record IS my résumé. Both Howard and Justin Van Den Heuvel provided exceptional legal assistance and helped me fight my ticket. Thank you.



Really good advice, very helpful and respectful.


Thank you again for your service Mr. Howard Van Den Heuvel!


You two did a great job for me! Thank you very much!


Thank you Howard!


Justin was so helpful in giving me advice on how to deal with a property dispute, including PPO and cease and desist info. Thank you!



Mr. Van Den Heuvel’s legal advice was concise, informative, and helpful. I would recommend his firm for any of your legal needs.


Thank you again for the help!



If you need a GOOD lawyer that’ll work with you and really work towards what you want, go see Howard. Howard and his son Justin helped me when I thought I had no options. He helped me get everything in line and got me exactly what I was looking for in court. Don’t go to someone your unsure of.


I was facing some serious charges that could have forever altered my family’s life. Howard faced a prosecutor that was tough and did not want to back down, but neither would Howard. He fought hard and ultimately the charges were dropped. If you need someone that will stand up for you when faced with a difficult situation, Howard and the Van Den Heuvel firm are where to turn.


I would say this is probably the best law firm I have ever used. Professional, courteous, expensive but worth every penny. If I ever need them again wouldn’t want anyone else. Couldn’t say enough good things about Justin and his father. Impressive.



I am a semi-truck driver. I was issued an impeding traffic citation in the Grand Rapids area. Called the firm to get advice on whether there is any point in fighting the ticket. They were very professional about it. They explained to me that it is a non-point ticket and that I was better off paying the fine and not waste my money on an attorney’s help.



Was very helpful discussing my legal options.


Will be in contact with this firm.


I really appreciate your time and the information that you gave me, it opened my eyes and made me feel release.



Justin was extremely helpful, courteous and professional. The firm was looking out for my needs and it was a pleasure doing business with this firm.


I appreciate the work done for me. I really appreciated the follow-up call to check in on how I was personally doing!


Very knowledgeable


I had some questions about adoption and Howard answered them without hesitation or making me feel uncomfortable or rushed. I believe he truly cares for his clients and would recommend this office if you want an attorney who actually listens to your needs and would help you.


Very satisfied with the outcome and reduced points on my license.



Excellent law office to work with. They are friendly, knowledgeable and answer questions in full so you can understand what is going on. I would highly recommend reaching out for any legal needs you have.






Our teenage relative needed an attorney like Howard to manage two offenses he had gotten into in two counties within a couple of weeks. Howard was extremely helpful and prepared, with strong experience, knowledge and relationships within Ottawa County. He advised our relative on what to say and not to say, what his options were, and the best possible outcome, which he achieved for us. He also helped us manage the MIP issues in another Michigan county to minimize the potential for either judge to double whammy our relative. Thanks to Howard and his team, our relative learned his lesson and received the best possible results from his two incidences. We would and have recommended Howard to friends and neighbors looking for a competent, experienced, fair lawyer to represent their needs. Thank you, Howard!


Really easy to talk to and gives all the information you need.



Spoke and within a short time had my issues relayed to the correct place and pointed me in the right direction.



Howard and Justin were passionate about providing me with great service and results which says a lot about them.


I contacted Van Den Heuvel Law regarding a child custody issue. Howard listened to our problem and provided excellent advice. I would not hesitate to contact Van Den Heuvel Law for any future matters.



Very helpful.



I had a brief consultation with Howard. While I did not retain his services, and thus cannot state his qualifications as a trial lawyer, I can state that he is a thorough, upfront and honest individual. We discussed my situation and came to the conclusion that there was a very unlikely chance that the outcome would be in my favor and that retaining his services would simply be throwing good money after bad. Don’t get me wrong, he was willing to take on the case, but also stated that it might not be the most effective use of my funds.

He’s realistic and straightforward, and I would most certainly consider him for future legal services.


Howard and Justin were excellent. They had answers to all my questions. Very easy to talk to and very understanding. Their office was very prompt in making and rescheduling my consultation. Overall they did an excellent job!!!



I felt they were very friendly, gave great advice, and very knowledgeable of my concerns, issues, and repairs I needed to do with the job I had. It was a pleasure to work with them and I know where to go in my future for great legal counsel.


I was charged with an OWI and it looked like I was going to lose my license for a long time, but then Van Den Heuvel Law Office stepped in and saved my life. With their professional work and integrity, I was able to have my charge reduced from an OWI to a small traffic violation.

The Van Den Heuvel’s were always there every step of the way, and they’re the ones who I owe all the credit to. They stepped up and went above and beyond the call of lawyers. If I would ever need an attorney again, they’re gonna be the ones I call.


In 2012 I came to Van Den Heuvel law office looking for help with child custody and divorce. Howard Van Den Heuvel took me in as a client and helped me in the beginning with much of my divorce and custody. In 2015 Justin Van Den Heuvel took over and I became his client as he helped me with my ongoing custody battles. He has been very helpful and treated me like family when I had very little money.  I was able to make a payment arrangement with the Van Den Heuvel law office to pay so I could acquire their services. I was very pleased with that in fact when no other office would take my case without a huge lump sum. I would recommend Justin Van Den Heuvel to anyone.  Justin is very smart and a knowledgeable person of the law and was able to help me get my kids fast. When I have or have had a problem, he is right there to give me advice and guide me down the right path. I have been very happy and pleased with Justin’s and Howard’s services. They are great attorneys and even better people. I will always keep them on retainer, as I am very pleased with their work and how they have handled my case. I couldn’t have asked for better attorneys or friends, especially when I needed them the most. I give Justin my highest recommendation.



Amazing attorneys. I would look no further, I am with them all the way.  From the original consult to the time in office to the time in court. They continued to exceed my expectations. When I first came to them I was in a whirlwind of chaos almost immediately was put at peace by the consult alone. Were the peace continued throughout the process. I’m finding it hard to put into words how great from start to finish my business with them has been. I will highly recommend them to everyone I meet. they are an A+++ If your reading this and you need an attorney take my word for it, THESE ARE YOUR GUYS. They set a standard for me that I don’t believe I could find anywhere else I’m finally at peace.


Howard and Justin were so prepared, efficient, and tough when it came to representing my daughter in her custody case. Their experience and knowledge of the court system was amazing. The results were great and my daughter has a new sense of confidence.



Great help with my questions. Quick and easy response. Would consider hiring as an attorney.



Professional team. Got my ticket reduced to a nonpoint ticket without even going to the court hearing. Which is great as a CDL driver.



Very helpful in creating my personal will, would recommend to anyone needing law advice.

During my initial consultation, Howard answered all my questions and offered helpful pointers. I did not require his services at that time but, if I ever do, he’s an attorney I will be working with.



I hired the Van Den Heuvel law office to represent me in a theft case. The lawyers Justin & Howard were attentive, able to articulate the situation both with the evidence and storyline, were easy to get in touch with, and responded quickly. I would use them again and recommend others to do the same.



Howard and his associates represented us in a child custody case. He represented us professionally and aggressively. Howard takes the time to get to know his clients and his knowledge of custody laws and the court system was a huge advantage for us. Well worth the reasonable rates he charges. We could not be more pleased with his services. Thank you, Howard.



Howard had a very reasonable rate and he was a quality lawyer. He dedicated a lot of time to my case. He was more aggressive than my past attorney. He answered my questions promptly. I would have anyone in need of any legal help visit Howard. He will work beyond what you expect at a rate you will be surprised by. He really cares.



I had the divorce from hell. My husband took all of my stuff and locked me out of the house when I was at work. Then the judge would not let me back in to get my stuff or see my children. Howard hammered those SOB’s and I even got joint legal and physical of our children.

Howard was a good friend through all of this and an aggressive fighter for me. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

I needed an LLC for my lawn and landscaping business. Went in and talked to Howard, and he took care of the rest. I am no legal scholar and I just wanted to get the legal stuff right. Can’t say that I agree with BJM, Howard was good to me and I would recommend him to any of my friends.

I felt that Howard Van Den Heuvel really cared about me and my case. When I first met him, he started asking me all about myself and my family. He was more than willing to help me with everything! I’m so glad that I actually followed up with the recommendation from a relative. He is such a good, kind, hardworking man. I would recommend him to anybody!


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