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What Is a Joint Parenting Agreement and How Do They Work?

What Is a Joint Parenting Agreement and How Do They Work?

When people in Grand Rapids go through a divorce they have to make a lot of important decisions. If they have children, then determining who will have custody of those children is likely one of the most important issues they will have to resolve. Deciding child custody is often one of the most difficult issues to sort out as well. In most cases, the overriding concern is the best interest of the children. While in some instances, like an abusive relationship, it is best for children to only be with one parent, in most cases, spending time with both parents is best.

Although joint parenting plans are usually the best way to determine custody issues, they are often hard to come by because divorcing parents have a difficult time agreeing to the terms. However, at the Van Den Heuvel Law Office we have learned through experience that when parents can work together to form a joint parenting plan, there is a much greater chance of success for that parenting plan to work. So what is a joint parenting plan and how do they work?

Essentially a joint parenting plan is a plan that spells out the parenting arrangements for minor children when their parents split up. A joint parenting plan must take many things into consideration, but when parents work together to come up with this plan they are typically more likely to stick with their plan and follow its stipulations. Some of the key elements that must be considered when developing joint parenting plans are each parents’ work schedule, their lifestyles and of course the needs of the children.

Although it can be difficult for some parents to come to terms on a joint parenting plan in most cases the courts prefer parents to create their own agreement rather than leaving it up to the courts. Throughout the entire process the most important thing to keep in mind is what will be the best outcome for the children. While joint-parenting agreements can differ greatly and consist of many elements the purpose is always to provide your kids with the most stable and loving parenting environment.

If you would like to learn more about joint parenting agreements and how we can help you develop a successful plan, then please contact the Van Den Heuvel Law Office in Grand Rapids today. We can help parents overcome their differences, work together and put the best interest of their children first. Please call us at 616-698-0000 or click her to contact us online.

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