What to Do if Your Spouse is Hiding Income

What to Do if Your Spouse is Hiding Income

What to Do if Your Spouse is Hiding Income

by Van Den Heuvel Law Office

When two spouses divorce, their marital assets are subject to Michigan’s property division rules. This means that any property acquired during the marriage is divided fairly, but that does not necessarily mean equally. Property division is often difficult for both spouses. Spouses with many assets often do not want to divide them, leading others to wonder if their spouse is lying about the assets and income they have. Any time a person going through divorce suspects their spouse of lying about assets and income, it is important that they speak to a Michigan divorce lawyer that can help.

When Spouses Lie About Income

It is sometimes tempting for a person going through a divorce to lie about the income they earn, or the number of assets they have. By doing so, they believe that they may not have to pay as much in spousal support, or that they will be able to keep more of their assets. When one spouse suspects that the person they are divorcing is engaging in these deceptive acts, an attorney can help.

Attorneys have the power to issue subpoenas for a spouse’s credit card and bank account records. After reviewing these records, an attorney can determine if the spouse is likely hiding income and assets. For example, if a spouse is spending much more than they are earning in a month, it may indicate that they are lying about their income. An attorney can also examine the lifestyle of the spouse and determine if they may be lying about their income. For example, if a person is driving an expensive car and wearing designer clothes, it could indicate that they are lying about their income.

Proving Income When a Spouse is Self-Employed

It is typically more difficult to prove a spouse’s income when they are self-employed. This is because it is easier for these individuals to inflate their expenses so their income seems lower. Although this is challenging for individuals trying to secure a fair settlement, there are steps attorneys can take in these situations, as well. 

These include subpoenaing financial statements and business’ tax returns so they can look for unusual changes in the income and expenses for the spouse and for the business. For example, a sudden decrease in profits or a sudden spike in expenses around the same time the couple entered divorce proceedings can indicate that the spouse is being dishonest about their finances.

Our Michigan Divorce Lawyers can Help With Your Case

It is always recommended that anyone going through a divorce works with a Grand Rapids divorce lawyer. However, when you suspect that your spouse is lying about their income and assets, it is crucial that you do not go through it alone. At Van Den Heuvel Law Office, we know how to determine your spouse’s actual income and help you through every other aspect of the divorce process. If you are facing divorce or the process has already started, call us or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.



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