Why Has Divorce Improved for Dads?

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Why Has Divorce Improved for Dads?

Why Has Divorce Improved for Dads?

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For years and years, divorce had a pretty predictable outcome for fathers of dependent children. In the past, in most cases, a court would award sole custody to the mother when a couple split up. That meant that the children would live with their mother and only spend a relatively small amount of time with their father. For dads, it also usually meant that they would be ordered to make a monthly child support payment and in many cases a spousal support payment, as well. So the bottom line for dads was that divorce did not usually go in their favor. However, times have changed and traditions have faded. Now there are some signs that divorce could actually be improving for fathers.

Almost every state in the nation has made progress when it comes to father’s rights in divorce. One of the greatest changes that has recently come about is the increasing number of child custody settlements that allow for co-parenting. No longer is it assumed that the children will live with mom. More and more, couples are agreeing to true co-parenting situations, while many courts are ordering the same. This means that fathers are receiving more access to their children than ever before. Instead of seeing them every other weekend, dads are now getting significantly more amount of time with their children.

Another sign that things are improving for fathers is the amount of cases that are resolved through mediation instead of through court. The reason that is a good sign is that it signifies that more parents appear to be willing to work together to determine their parenting agreement instead of leaving it up to the courts. Another reason divorce for dads is improving is because of the changing roles in the workplace. It used to be that fathers worked and mothers didn’t so moms almost always received custody. However, more mothers are now in the workplace and more fathers are staying home, which means that is more likely to be taken into consideration when determining custody.

If you are a father and considering divorce, it appears that you now have more things in your favor than ever before. However, regardless of whether you are a father or a mother, if you are considering divorce then you should speak with an experienced Grand Rapids divorce attorney before you move forward. A good attorney will take the time to listen to your case and plan the right strategy for you. Further, he will see to it that your needs are met and that your voice is heard throughout the process, whether you’re a father or a mother.



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