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How COVID-19 Is Affecting Michigan Divorces

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed practically everything about life around the world. One particular effect is on marital status. In the early…

Understanding Michigan’s New Marijuana Expungement Laws

In September of 2020, Michigan’s legislature approved a series of bills designed to make expungement easier for certain types of non-violent convictions.…

Can My Teenager Refuse Visitation With the Other Parent?

When parents get a divorce and children are involved, they are usually awarded child custody or visitation time. Parents are not always…

Can Infidelity Change a Michigan Divorce Settlement?

In a marriage, there is no bigger betrayal than infidelity. Many marriages cannot recover from it and when one spouse has been…

12 Factors of Child Custody in Michigan

Divorce is always a difficult process, and it only becomes even more challenging when children are involved. Parents often wonder if they…

How do You Prove Adultery in a Michigan Divorce?

Learning that your spouse is having an affair is extremely difficult. For some, the betrayal is too much to overcome and the…


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