Michigan Police Sergeant Charged With “Super Drunk” Driving

Michigan Police Sergeant Charged With “Super Drunk” Driving

Michigan Police Sergeant Charged With “Super Drunk” Driving

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People from all walks of life can get into trouble from time to time. Even those who are employed as law enforcement officers are not immune to making mistakes. Many people like to enjoy alcoholic beverages and many do so responsibly. However, sometimes people end up behind the wheel of a vehicle simply because of an unfortunate set of circumstances, which they never intended to happen. It’s in these kinds of situations that speaking with a lawyers is a smart first move.

A police sergeant from Rockford has pleaded not guilty to charges of super drunk driving. According to reports, the sergeant was arrested and accused of driving with a BAC of over twice the legal limit late last month. The 32-year-old member of the Rockford Police department decided to skip his formal arraignment and he has reportedly already begun negotiating with the prosecution. According to court documents, the arresting officer originally pulled the sergeant over for allegedly speeding. When he approached the defendant, the officer said that he appeared to be drunk.

Initial reports indicated that the man had a blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent, but officials have not confirmed that report. The sergeant has been charged under Michigan’s “super drunk” law, which bumps up the penalties from just a regular drunk driving offense. For first time offenders that means instead of a possible 93 days in jail the person could spend up to180 days in jail. The fines also go up from between $100-$500 to $200-$700. Those convicted are also ordered to pay a “drunk driving recovery costs” fine of $175 to the sheriff’s office. They also typically lose their license for a longer period of time.

The evidence against this man obviously looks very damaging. He is facing some tough charges and the penalties could be harsh. However, despite his circumstances, this main has maintained his innocence and he should not give up hope. Likewise, if you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving related offense then you should not give up hope, either. Instead, contact a Grand Rapids DUI defense attorney for help. Defense attorneys know all the intricacies of DUI/OWI cases and know how to defend those facing DUI charges. While no law firm can guarantee the outcome of a case, attorneys prepare the best defense strategy possible for you in these types of situations. A careful defense also prevents the prosecution from running roughshod over your constitutional rights.




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